Compliance Tips

Successful implementation of the University of Missouri Smoking Policy will engage everyone in creating a culture of compliance. Employees and students are expected to courteously remind any employee, student, visitor, vendor or contractor violating the policy that MU prohibits smoking of all tobacco products on university property. 

Addressing a violation

Compliance is everyone’s business. If you see someone violating the smoking policy, please approach the person in a kind, compassionate way. You might say, "Hi, I'm Truman. MU recently became a smoke-free campus and if you must smoke, though I wish you wouldn't, you'll have to do it off university property."

If the person continues to smoke after being reminded about the policy, you're encouraged report him or her to the dean or building manager in charge of the nearest building. You may report an employee to his or her supervisor or to Human Resources.

Educating employees

To request a group presentation about the smoking policy and smoking-cessation options for employees, please contact us.