For Students

On campus

Wellness Resource Center


Mizzou's student smoking-cessation program offers:

  • Free nicotine replacement therapy (patches).
  • One-on-one coaching.
  • A personalized quit plan.
  • Peer support.

Student Health Center


We have plenty of resources to help you improve your physical activity, eating behaviors, social habits, and coping skills that allow you to be successful in quitting tobacco. Best part is — this visit is included in your student health fee. Our approach includes:

  • Individual counseling including:
    • In-depth assessment of your goals.
    • Development of a customized quit plan including mindfulness-based stress-reduction strategies and discussion of the benefits of NRT (nicotene replacement therapy) to ease withdrawal symptoms.
  • Relapse prevention: Regular follow-up to offer support and encouragement through the successes and challenges of quitting.
  • Prescription therapies: Work with your Student Health Center primary care provider to assess whether prescription medications (Zyban® or Chantix®) is right for you to help you stop smoking.

Off campus

Missouri Tobacco Quitline

1-800-QUIT NOW

In this free program counselors can help you create an easy-to-follow quitting plan. Features include:

  • Quitting aids: Help choosing and managing nicotine substitutes or other medication.
  • Quit guide: Workbook that you can refer to in any situation to help you stick with your plan.
  • Quit Coach: Expert support and assistance by phone whenever you need it.
  • Web Coach: A private online community where you can complete activities, watch videos, track your progress and join in discussions.

Columbia Boone County Health Department


Dedicated to curbing chronic disease, the Health Department offers smoking-cessation help for Boone County residents. Call for information about the program, which includes:

  • Free counseling session.
  • Free box of nicotine patches.

Phoenix Programs


Phoenix offers Freedom From Smoking, an eight-session program designed to help you quit.The program includes:

  • Workbooks and class materials.
  • Nicotine replacement therapy products.
  • Prescription reimbursement.
  • Gift card rewards for successful program completion.